GHL Engineering recognises the concern for the environment is of great importance to a responsible and caring business. Therefore GHL Engineering is committed to minimising any potential harmful effects of its activities on the environment and to strive for continuous improvement by working with customers, suppliers and the community to enact this policy and practice.

GHL Engineering believes that all staff has a responsibility to care for the environment and will actively promote best practice within the business at all levels.

GHL Engineering will:
- Minimise consumption by continually monitoring and improving effective use of energy, water and raw materials.
- Minimise waste generation and for the unavoidable waste, strict controls on alternative use and recycling.
- Monitor, prevent and where possible eliminate sources of emissions and pollution.

Company vehicles used for the transportation of products to and from GHL Engineering will be fit for use and maintained. All issues will be reported to management team immediately.


Tania Francis

Issue number: 2                          Date:1.11.12                           Review date: 1.11.13



GHL Engineering recognise it has a vital role in furthuring sustainable development through its procurement of works, goods and services. We are commited to working in a way that ensures we meet the needs of the environment, economy and society now and in the future.

Our objectives where possible are:

- To minimise the use of non renewable materials.
- Reduce the frequency of individual journeys.
- Comply with all relevant legislation as it relates to procurement.
- Ensure the products which we produce have maximum durability, can be recycled or repaired.
- Purchase products which are energy efficient.
- Use local suppliers and sub contactors to minimise the environmental impact associated with transportation and to support the local economy.
- Work with suppliers to increase sustainability throughout the supply chain.
- Use minimum packaging and if possible re-use or recycle.

To highlight awareness of our policy we will provide training and support to encourage staff involved in purchasing to adopt a more sustainable approach, to reduce costs and the environmental impact of goods and services we buy

We will review periodically the sustainable risk and impact of goods and services we buy.

Our aim is to ensure that the goods, services we procure not only represent good value for money but also have positive impacts on society and the economy and cause minimum damage to the environment.


Tania Francis


Issue number: 2                          Date: 1.11.12                               Review date: 1.11.13





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All our work is carried out by fully accredited, qualified and experienced personnel…

This gives GHL Engineering total confidence to offer all our customers a 100% guarantee on all our work.

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