GHL Engineering have good old fashioned standards which coupled with the latest technology and innovation is a winning combination.



  • To be recognised and respected as leaders within the engineering field
  • To ensure GHL Engineering is a company you always use


  • To continue to maintain our excellent reputation amongst our client base

  • To earn the loyalty of new customers by providing the very best service, quality, value, experience and innovation in the engineering field


  • To continue and build strong relationships with customers understanding their needs and requirements
  • To ensure highly valuable, quality service is provided to all our customers through our established experienced team of employees who are dedicated, talented and highly skilled
  • To ensure that the quality of our work is maintained through continuous evaluation of our processes and work – providing ongoing satisfaction and service to our customers
  • To continue to develop the competitive edge making GHL Engineering a company of choice


11 Applewood Place
SO40 8WG

023 8066 6852


All our work is carried out by fully accredited, qualified and experienced personnel…

This gives GHL Engineering total confidence to offer all our customers a 100% guarantee on all our work.

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